Benefits of Baking Soda to Your Skin

NaHCO3, commonly known as baking soda or Sodium Bicarbonate, is typically used as a food ingredient in making desserts. However, its use has also been popular in different skincare formulas and DIY skin ingredients. Sodium bicarbonate can work wonders on the skin. It is a good skin exfoliator and a good bleaching ingredient. While it is a popular belief that treating your skin with chemicals is not safe, this ingredient is pretty safe to use. It contains a naturally occurring compound that is found in abundant quantities in a mineral named “natron.” Although baking soda is popularly used for facial care, this can also be used in different parts of your body. 

If you have more concerns about your skin, you may contact Dermatology Specialists for a formal skin check-up. 

The following are the benefits of baking soda in your skin: 

It is good to lighten dark spots 

Baking soda is known to be effective in lightening some parts of your skin. This is because this compound has bleaching properties that potentially fade away dark spots and ugly marks on your skin. This ingredient can be a bit too harsh on your body, this is why it is recommended that you mix other natural ingredients like lemon, instead of other chemicals, when using soda. 

It prevents blackheads in your face 

Some women have a problem dealing with their oily skin. This is no surprise, as oily skin is commonly associated with pimples and blackheads. When your face has larger pores, the presence of blackheads can worsen. Using baking soda can help you lessen the existence of blackheads. It effectively closes your skin pores and shrinks your skin, making it firmer and avoiding pores expansion. When your skin is firm and has lesser pores, there is less tendency of dirt clogging in your skin, avoiding the development of blackheads. 

It effectively erases pimples 

As mentioned, baking soda is a natural ingredient for blackheads and pimples, especially for oily skins. It has a mild exfoliating property that effectively erases your pimples and pimple marks. When you use baking soda, it dries out the pimple and prevents it from coming back due to its natural antibacterial property. It is recommended that you use baking soda and water for erasing pimples. You can also pat some moisturizer after the soda treatment as this compound will make your face dry. Use this twice a week or as necessary.  

It removes dirt and dead skin cells 

Our skin is always exposed to harsh chemicals, pollution, dirt, etc. Washing our face does not always help to fully clean our skin. Even after facial wash, small dirt still sticks to our face, or clog themselves in our pores. Using baking soda effectively removes away this dirt, unclog your pores, and even removes dead skin cells from your face by its mild exfoliation properties, leaving you a cleaner skin.  

It helps moisturize your lips 

There are a lot of activities we do that make our lips dry dark including smoking, wearing too many chemicals, licking our lips, etc. Using baking soda and mixing it with honey can help you lighten your lips as it moisturizes and mildly exfoliates your lip’s skin.  

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